• Getting started with Trof Careers

    The first step is to register yourself on the portal. Click on “Register Now” option on the right hand corner of the home page. It is simple with details to be filled as it getting registered on any social media website. 

    Once you have done that:

    If you want to take the free test, click on the free test tab in the assessment test page.

    If you want to take up a paid test : add to cart, apply respective coupon code and make the payment. Then go to your profile/ test page, click on “Start Test” for starting the test. You will also receive an email with what to do further. 

    If you want to book a slot for some expert advice: Go to the mentoring page, add a session to the cart > Apply the respective coupon code > Make payment > You shall receive an email with mentor details. 

    Then your mentor would get in touch with you > decide when you want to schedule your session > You will receive a video call link post scheduling

    If you want to take up a prep activity: Go to the preparing page, add all the required services to the cart > Apply the respective coupon code > Make payment > post payment, a form would be available to be filled on the same location where service was added to cart, fill the same> You shall receive an email with further details

    If you want to take up any course: Add  to cart > Apply coupon code > Make payment > You shall receive a mail confirming the order and your training is ready to be started

  • Is it compulsory to take up all 5 steps from Trof Careers?

    No, absolutely not. You can take up any of the services.

  • How is the assessment test important?

    Career Assessment test helps you understand yourself firstly. It would help you realize where your personality is inclined and what is your Aptitude when answered honestly. It will give you both the aspects i.e., what you like (personality) and what you are good at (Aptitude).

    Remember, a combination of both of these will give you a clear approach towards your career. Further, the mentorship session will clear all your career related queries and get you going on the right path for a successful career.

  • What are the advantages you will get as a trained person?

    A trained individual is more skilled, more competent, compared to an unskilled one. It is easier for trained individuals to get jobs or to even start something on their own.

    To know more, visit our blog where we have detailed out simple incidents portraying advantages of being trained in today’s world both from an employers and an employees perspective. Click here (for students perspective) or here (for employers perspective)

  • How will I benefit from being a part of Trof Community?

    From being a part of the Trof Community, apart from access to the services or products you have purchased which you get at lowest cost in the industry, you shall get free access to:

    Activities conducted by us


    Forums - discuss with people of your age and similar interest on their career paths. Discuss and understand what trending amongst peers 

    Have access to our job portal (upcoming)

  • Who are we, what we do and what is our aim?

    Check out our About us page for all these insights!

  • How can you use the forums?

    Go to the Forum page on the website and it would be as simple as if you are using any regular social media website

  • When will the job portal be fully live?

    Very soon. Job portal is for the Trof Community exclusively. We shall notify you when it happens. Be sure you are a part of it!

  • Who constitutes the Trof Community? Or How to become a member of the Trof Community?

    When you buy any service or course from us, you become a part of the Trof Community for a year.

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