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How To Make Your College Life Useful?

How to enhance your skills during college.

How To Make Your College Life Useful? Most of the college students’ weekend life goes in party and chill. While many of them resort to such approach, there are a large number of students who genuinely want to do something in life.

How to make your college life useful? To improve your skill, here are a few unorthodox or lesser preached ways:


Yes travel as much as you can in weekends during your college days. It could be a bike trip to a nearby village, a walk through the nearest jungle. This may seem fun but at the same time will immensely boost your knowledge and confidence. You will get to know more about local cultures and living. Not to forget, you will be able to add value to their lives and improve some business for them.

It can be as simple as a trip on two-wheeler or a get-together. Whatever it is, it will definitely add a layer of wisdom in you.

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Participate in events:

How To Make Your College Life Useful by participating in fests to gather experience and skills.

The biggest fear for not participating in an event is the fear of failure. We all tend to think we won’t win and therefore never take part. Well does it matter if you fail?

It should not! It is important to win but it even more important to give your best and leave it at that. Events will help you build your network, help you open up and explore your personality, know about things you would have never learnt in books.

It is ok sometimes to compromise on your study time or your weekend time. And it’s completely ok to not win, just participate participate participate!

Part-time free job:

Yes, we all know it is difficult to get internships or jobs. But when you walk upto someone and tell them you are ready to work for free, who will tell you no?

Walk into any small office or store and take up a job.

Choose whichever segment you like sales, marketing, finance, invenory, etc. Do it for a small time, maybe during your holidays, after college or even weekends. It could be a 1 month stint, but do it!

This will help you understand how a work-atmosphere is, understand what work has to be done, what all goes into getting things done. But most importantly, it will help you learn accountability and responsibility that is genuinely missing from a lot of young grads that are coming out of college and also makes your college life useful? yes it does.

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Observe people:

Walk, Cycle or Jog! Pick up what method you like and roam around. I’ve sat down on platform of railway stations just observing people. You can try that too.

And do not touch your phone while you are doing this. This will help you in two ways. One, you will get a no-tech time to yourself and second it will help you see people’s talks (no we did not mean you should eavesdrop), people’s expressions etc.

It’s fun and at the same time you learn to sync with people even without doing anything. Try that and tell us your experience.

Start a habit:

Mostly for those who do not believe in physical exercise, ensure you make it a habit to get your body fit. We are not recommending to get 6 packs but stay fit. How do you decide if you are fit? Run for 2 kms and if you cannot do it, its time to wake up and do your thing!

Cultivate reading habit:

Anything. Yes, read absolutely anything, newspaper, novels, articles, comics, self-help books, business or management books or even something on your phone.

But what is important is “whatever you read ensure you concentrate on every word of what you are reading and understand it”. Take some time every weekend to ensure this activity is taken care of. It could be 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your comfort.

This will help your reading skills, observation skills and improve your vocabulary. You will start seeing many words which you consciously were not aware of and this will also help you in using them.

Best part of this habit is it will take care of your

Watch online series:

Who says watching an online series cannot be learning and fin together? But strictly binge watching is a strict no-no.

It is as much important to see and stay updated with the series as is with your academics.

This will help you strike a conversation, improve your vocabulary and tingle with your creative mind and you will be exposed to new things every now and then.


Your favourite right? How can we miss this.

But on a serious note, once in a while it is also important to study and get on track with what’s happening on the academics side. If your concepts are thorough you will stand an exceptional chance at excelling in your career also.

Studies help in improving your basic common sense as well as your academic acumen. While a lot of us are under the impression that studies will not help you at all, it’s a false myth.

Academic knowledge gives you the base required. We agree that it is not enough, infact a lot more must be added to the academic’s salad to make it the perfect education plate. But always stay in touch with your basics i.e., your concepts that comes through studying.

Stay updated:

Current affairs. That’s one of the most important things one must be updated with. It is absolutely essential to be updated with everything that is happening around. This helps in knowing what the world is doing and where it is headed towards. Also it is one of the best ways to strike a conversation irrespective of the age group. It’ll help you in interviews as well. Whether GD or Debate or any competition, this will come to the rescue.

Improve your creative mind.

It could be writing, drawing, sketching, painting, thinking and jotting down ideas. Whatever the case maybe. Start improving your creative aspect of your mind.

Don’t let your college life go for a toss. If you follow these things, we are sure the experience and knowledge you will gain will never be replaceable.

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