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Career options to pursue after College: Complete Guide

Career options to pursue after College: Complete Guide


Have you completed your graduation or on the verge of comepletion? Are you confused on what to do next or just want too know the various options open to you after your undergrad? Then you are at the right place! Read along to know what fits you the best!


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When you think of your career, have these thoughts come across you mind?

    • What to do after college?
    • What should I do with my life ahead?
    • There are so many options, plus there are so many things I like but not able to choose one?
    • Since I have not planned my career for the next 5 years atleast, will my career go for  toss?

Don’t worry, there are lakhs of people who feel the same and it’s completely ok to feel to do so. This article is for you to get more insight into the number of ways in which you can opt your career to start off with.


There are multiple options available to you. To understand what would work best for you, read the different options in detail, along with the pros and cons of the same. Once you read them, you shall understand what options are in your favor and what has to be scratched out. So lets begin!

The different options to choose from after college are:

Doing a job in the field of choice will not only help you gauge practical knowledge but also carve your to independency. It will also give you an exposure to the industry you opted for and provide you with experience required for a post graduation.

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Practical job-oriented courses are short and effective trainings where you will learn the practical aspects of the subject and understand how exactly a job in the respective field be.

The concepts you learn here and the mini job experience will give you an upper hand during your job interviews. So if you have the resources required for such trainings upon you, you must definitely get your hands on one.

To know the pros and cons of doing such courses after college or during your graduation, click here. 

A Diploma is basically a certificate for completion of a specific course generally a professional or vocational course. The difference between Diploma and higher studies is that Diploma is generally shorter and very specific to the profession compared to higher studies or professional studies.

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Opting for a higher education after your undergrad is beneficial for few and not needed for others. A post graduation is recommended after college when you want to gain deeper insights on the subject matter for personal or professional needs or when it is a demand of the industry you want to pursue your career.

Though post-graduation has lost it’s charm today , it would not close down as various articles suggest, but however, a lot of colleges will start shifting their focus to Diploma’s.

Now, a lot of us cannot help but compare Diploma with a post graduation degree, but they are different.

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Today, the value and scope of professional studies has increased drastically compared to past and we see more number of people pursuing it as well. Many people do professional courses along with their graduation which gives them a upper hand during placements, in jobs and during promotion.  

Before you find out the professional courses relevant for you, click here to understand if it will work for you.

We all know that internship is (basically working part-time without any major accountability with the intention of learning where we may or may not get paid). If you want to experiment with different career paths open to you, you can take up multiple internships to understand every field better. Doing an internship during pursuing graduation also adds on to your work experience hence gives you a upper hand over people who do no.

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If you have that entrepreneurial hunger and have an idea in mind, then starting your own business or freelancing can be your go to option. You can also join your family business – it may be service, trading, taking up a new distribution or anything, the idea is to learn how to run a business and help it grow.

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So these were the types of paths an individual can pursue after their graduation. But many people aren’t even aware of the various careers open to them. Most of the people just stumble upon their careers, and fail to find where their interests actually lie. And these are the people  who are often dis-satisfied with their jobs and hence do feel content. So before you settle upon your career, its always better to find out where your interest lies, and our progressive approach helps you find it. 

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I hope this article helped you move atleast one step ahead on your journey towards deciding your career. I am sure you would have narrowed down your options after analyzing the pros and cons and hence finally landing upon things which would matter to you.

Still confused? You can always write back to us! If you found this article helpful, do leave your feedback in the comments below!